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    Introducing Lean Career Coaching

    I've discovered through work with hundreds of individuals and companies in the past 20 years that the fastest way to develop an awesome career is to move yourself quickly through small, focused experiments that let you connect with the people and projects that you love.

    Currently, I'm offering 1-week cycle Lean Career Coaching sessions. Each week includes:

    • 1 hour 1-on-1 call or vidchat to run Lean Career process to clarify your direction
    • 1-3 small activities to be run during the following week that move you toward your goal
    • Email interactions on iterations and questions
    • You create an end of week observation email about what worked and what didn't

    To discover if you're a good fit for this type of work, connect with me via the form to the right. Talk to you soon!

    Testimonials from early Lean Career development workshops

    Mair's Portfolio Hackathon helped me clarify who I want to get in front of and what I was looking to achieve with those relationships. I came away with a much clearer idea of what my messaging should be - both in a one-on-one dialogues and in my public identity.
    Alexa Roman, UX Designer

    I attended Mair's Portfolio Hackathon in early January - what a great way to start the year! Mair went through a series of of exercises that helped me come up with things I could do right there during the event to start making progress. The event also pulled together an awesome group where I felt comfortable bouncing my goals and ideas, and getting immediate feedback and reality checks along the way. Mair's ability to steer me in the right direction on the fly gave me the momentum I needed to keep moving forward when I got stuck.
    Priya Sheth, Senior Product Designer

    The Career Hackathon sifts through the overwhelming experience of career navigation to provide clarity and real action items. It helped to define my path and identify new methods to capture my true career goals. It's amazing what can surface in this workshop.
    Veronica Martini, Researcher and UX Designer