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    My passion is for supporting you and your team in creating highly connective, innovative and usable physical, mobile, tablet and x-platform experiences using Lean methodologies. Together we workshop and run custom process to establish what problem you're trying to solve, for whom and whether that problem has a large enough market to create a business around.

    If you're already established we evaluate and experiment to determine where business plans, requirements, products and experiences are connecting with your people, and where they are not.

    Then I track with you - facilitating and working with you as you research, design and iterate to new experiences that create powerful, immediately relevant conversation and real-world iteration. The goal is to discover and evolve repeatable, profitable process that stays human and responsive to the fast moving changes that we all face in resources, insights and challenges.

    Find me on Twitter (@quietaction), email me (md@ my site url) or send me a message via LinkedIn.

    Product development
    Technical UI designer with a keen interest in systems and how people respond to them. Fit well into agile and other development driven environments. Wireframing, flowcharts, scenario planning to determine design directions with engineering and design teams, feature labeling, display and organization, user flows, written use cases, interaction storyboards, animations, Flash/Fireworks/video blue sky and prototyping. Special interest in native iOS mobile, tablet app and multi-touch/user development.

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    Product Strategy
    Formulating and running process to determine high-level product strategy, translation of business goals into engineering realities, competitive/background research, stakeholder interviews, team dynamics, communication strategy reviews, planning and collaboration for conforming and porting across different views and modalities. Design research with users and internal teams including field studies (ethnography) and various qualitative methodologies. I'm particularly intrigued by technical design research in complex systems.

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