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    innovating in traffic

    Following on my last post about making it up better I wanted to give an example that a friend turned me on to in December about a company in Seattle that was facing a shutdown and then got in there, looked at the situation, discussed it as a company and happened upon a solution that not only saved them from bankruptcy, it flooded them with orders.

    What companies or people do you see that inspire you in the ways they are adapting and evolving?


    make it up - better

    It's easy to forget that this entire thing is made up. I mean everything. Language. Math. Time. Concepts. Work. Play. Rules. Business plans. Organizational structures. Financial structures.

    When things crash as the financial markets have, financial markets created out of nothing and returning to whence they came, we get a front row seat to whatever assumptions we've bought into. We get to see how habitual certain parts of our lives and our businesses have become. While this doesn't mean we should throw out traditions and habits that are serving us well - it certainly gives us the opportunity to look more closely at those that are preventing us from moving forward.

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