New Directions - Live, hands-on LUXr Lean UX Workshops
Monday, March 25, 2013 at 4:03PM
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In the past couple of years a shift has started to take on a new form as I began working with the wonderful team at LUXr. A couple of months ago when LUXr came out with the second version of their online 7-workshop LUXr Core Curriculum, I jumped at the chance to present some of their process in live, hands-on workshops.

What is it about these workshops that has me so happy? Having taught live and online project-based courses for 14-years in traditional environments, as well as facilitating all kinds of process in my career - I find the "try it out" and "do to learn" nature of workshops using lean UX process a real joy.

This isn't about me standing in front of people telling them what I know - it's all of us in there figuring it out together by doing. And really, the one thing that I know clearly about this world right now, is that it's all made up - so we need to get spectacular at iterating and experimenting everywhere in our lives.

What are these workshops about? Workshop 1 - Finding Your Customer with Personas - shows you how to create a customer persona or as I like to call them a "people prototype." None of us really know who our customers are until they start buying. In lean startups we want to test our hypothesis of who these people are - but first we have to get it out of our heads and onto the page. That's what this class is all about. We explore this made-up person's behavior so we can recognize them in the world and the needs that make them our customer. But this is just a guess - we learn how to test this hypothesis in Workshop 2.

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Workshop 2, Talk to the Nice People - Insight Interviews, starts off with a bang with a process Kate Rutter from LUXr calls "The Molecule." You'll be able to start each week with a focus snapshot of customer, problem you're solving and solution those customers will use. Then we'll move right into forming topics, creating open questions and an intro that gets us into the conversation with our customer. Most important of all - we'll practice all the skills - repeatedly. Then we'll evaluate what we learned from even this small amount of practice. You'll be a little shocked at how ready you are to get out there and start talking to the nice people.

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We're going to have a whole lot of fun in these workshops - come prepared to dive right in. I'd love to have you join me.

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