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    Touch UI: Gestural and mobile prototyping

    A lot of mobile development these days is about being able to iterate on your "here-and-now" product features but it's just as critical to be able to provide blue sky visioning of potential new directions for your product. I've been finding more and more reasons to activate my little tradition of doing animated gestural prototypes - particularly when we're going after money in some of the startups I've been involved in.

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    ux toolbox: interaction animations

    Early and often
    In touch-based design, prototyping early and often is critical. When your team is deep in coding it's helpful for someone on your team to be able to do quick animated prototypes to speed decision making with stakeholders and check-ins with users.

    Using animation it takes far fewer annotations and arrows to communicate most gestures and interactions - particularly if they have complex outcomes. And, in products where it takes a long time to code and physically prototype your interactions, it can save months of programming iteration by allowing early testing of the gestures and actions that are critical to your user experience.

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