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    Inspired: D3 Talk - Tom Chi


    "How long do you think it would take to create a physical prototype for Google Goggles?" The crowd guessed a few days, weeks, months. Throwing an image up on the screen - he comments, "1 hour." Then he showed how his prototype, created from a Netbook, Pico projector, coat hanger, and screen from a sheet projector actually does provide the EXPERIENCE of seeing additions to reality through a layover lens. This is not about the final form and version. This is about creating an experience that can then be tested and tweaked - as quickly as possible. The rest of the day was used for multiple experiments in software and input to the system. Could they create a finger mouse? Could they use any surface to control the interface?

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    measurable goals in design iteration

    Next step: making goals measurable
    In last week's UX Week 2009's "Be A Strategy Team of One" workshop with Henning Fischer I was reminded how important it is to have measurable goals of success that you are working against, particularly in iterating cultures.

    When working in UX goal-centric design it's a simple extension to make the worded goals extend into items that can be measured. In one of the exercises in the workshop we worked through a percentage modeling system that showed if we started with 10,000 people how many made it through to the end to accomplish the ultimate task that we set them.

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