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    Daily Prototyping

    A few months back I had the opportunity to hear Tom Chi of Google X design speak. I was deeply inspired by his idea of doing to learn rather than talking and brainstorming. Feeling uninspired and rather lost in my own process and career I decided to perform an experiment of my own - by implementing a practice of daily prototyping. Could I prototype my way into relearning to prototype - or more to the point - back to creating and physically building to learn?

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    ux toolbox: flowframes

    Building on interaction outlines from my last post, flowcharts are really great for laying out an overview of a project or potential exploring decision trees within the details of a project. I should point out I don't consider flowcharts a good way to describe user decisions. I find most of the experiences I design these days are about making some good guesses at where to start with people interacting with you. This has made it less productive for my purposes to be able to create airtight user flows in the traditional form. I think visual flows are better for working out what paths you're providing, not necessarily what will actually happen.

    Over the years one of my favorite hybrids has become combining flowcharts and wireframes - or "flowframes" as I've dubbed them.

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    ux toolbox: interaction outlines

    Complex web applications
    Another great use for this kind of outlining is when you're working with deeply nested interactivity on a page. This is particularly critical if you're attempting to work around technological limitations that will not be resolved in your current revision. This is an example from within a very intense and tightly designed field entry. The level of complexity required to get around the technical limitations of the system made it very difficult to create a desirable user experience. At a minimum, we did manage to clear the visual barriers and make it more responsive and friendly through our UX work on the system.

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