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    New intrigues: Evolving Process

    Over the past few years a new theme has emerged for me. Out of years of prototyping and teaching for product and service design has come a love for running design and development process that supports us in getting where we need to go - together. 

    What kind of process do we need in order to create companies, interact with people and develop products and services? Research, design, development, business, cultural, brand, innovation, creativity, improvisation, personal growth...the possibilities are endless. And therein lies the challenge. How do we decide what process is right for us and/or our team?

    Over the next year, I've decided to step in on a new research and development theme for myself. I'll be evolving and sharing my own explorations via transparent design posts, talks and videos. I'll interview others who are working to evolve process. Eventually I may collect this into a book format. And I'll use my lean frameworks to grow a connected community of practice as I move into interacting with new humans and experiences.

    Here are a few of my open questions:

    • How do we decide what process is right for our team?
    • How do others evolve their process?
    • Do we evolve process differently depending on what we're trying to accomplish? For instance, is design process always different from development process?
    • How can we evolve our process more quickly?
    • How can we keep creativity and innovation alive as thing evolve by keeping things "squishy" enough?
    • What are the best ways to involve others in the process of evolving the way we work?
    • How do we re-human our efficient processes?
    • How do we create a sense of stability and normalize change using process?
    • How can we create a culture of repeatable process across all job descriptions?
    • How can we best honor and meld both linear/efficient and creative/innovation flows?

     I hope you'll stay tuned because the quest is already providing some amazing new work. Can't wait to share!