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    Zoe Keating - integrating IA and music

    Taking process and understanding from one part of your life and applying it to another - this is exactly what I'm attempting to do with quietAction. By being able to choose from hundreds of techniques and methods from every discipline and experience you have had or will have, your life becomes one big interconnected sandbox.

    My friend Alexa sent me this link to's series of interviews with Zoe Keating that I wanted to pass on. Zoe's story about her wandering path and what the interconnectedness in her life has wrought mirrors my experience of working in tech and design in the 90's. I think the era spawned a whole lot of integrators simply by allowing all of us to practice being versatile. I particularly love her clarity on the intersections between information architecture and creating her music.

    This is a perfect example of how fascinating each of our stories are and how we can connect with and find "our people" in life. And companies should pay attention as well - look what happens when you recognize what you are good at, continue evolving, trying new things and speaking authentically. It's not always about doing it perfectly - often it's about showing your work. We, as your customers, appreciate that. I went and bought her music on iTunes...she might need an addition to her house or a new MacBook Pro.

    To see the other two vids, one of Keating performing and the other an abridged interview, visit the vid site page

    Anybody else you'd like to point us at that inspires you and is doing this kind of integrating and synthesizing?

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