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    2013 - exploring prolific

    You might think with a word like "prolific" as my theme for the year that being 22 days into the new year with only 2 posts is a failure. I choose to look at it as the reality of the year - building, clearing and finding the architecture that supports me in moving freely in whatever direction needed.

    It also seems intriguing to find prolifically quiet and introspective as well as prolifically active and engaged this year. It's time to move on from seeing "doing" and "output" as the only metrics of a prolific life.

    There are many people who inspire me in this quest.

    Luke Wroblewski comes to mind. I greatly admire his ability to create containers for his writing and experiments in the form of his brand, templates (blog, presentations, books) and prototyping practices (BagcheckPolar). Awesome. I really appreciate seeing how he clears the path to getting his adventures out into the world where others can continue to build off of them in an ever renewing and prolific conversation.

    Zaha Hadid inspires by the way she moves between mediums to explore across all dimensions - 2, 3 and 4D. The fact that she incorporates painting into her process makes the squishy artist side of me and the grid architect happy. This expansiveness in process no doubt helps her reimagine the way space and matter work together - allowing her to reshape form in so many amazing ways.

    Each time I attend the balcony talks before an ODC performance, I fall in love again with the amazing minds and explorations of the choreographers Brenda Way, KT Nelson and Kimi Okada. Keeping a dance company moving AND tending active artistic lives over 40 years is no small feat - these women inspire me to live life richly in the midst of life's traffic as well as prolifically.

    And then there's my Mom. She'll be surprised to be included here. She feels like she never gets much done but when I see how much she accomplishes in a day in terms of care for each of us, explorations in healing and wholeness and just her way of being in the world - I begin to understand prolific in a whole new way.

    What is prolific if you move away from doing and output as its defining success? Is it possible to be prolific without ever writing another blog post, talk or book? Taking another picture or tweeting another link? If prolific was a way to satisfying my own enjoyment of moving through the world rather than a way to try and gain approval and love from outside of myself - would it lose it's charge? Is there a quality or shape of life that allows prolific to simply appear?

    I always love a good lived question, don't you?!

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