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    begin - a quiet action

    I know, I know...I've been in the cave for a good long time haven't I? I appreciate your patience and encouragement, as it's been an amazing and challenging few years of percolating and quieting things down for myself. Who knew that the Type A person I was for so many years was really secretly a closeted Type E (easy) or maybe more of a Type S (simple). And as I've grown more quiet over the past several years, I begin to notice the world change - new clients, new work – as old patterns and ways of looking at the world fall away.

    I'll write more about this transition later as it's time to come out and play once again. This time around I've chosen a fabulously abstract and at the same time perfectly tuned name for myself - quietAction. This is one that can hold all of my fascinations and work. I figure I'm up for a nice 20-year arc this round.

    quietAction came about through a series of serendipities. A journal entry from 2005 jumped out at me as I went back to find a discussion of a project I was working on.

    A quiet action is building in me. A quiet action of stillness, release and trust. Of letting go of that I fear the most - my life to be lived. And in this moment I see the sweet surrender that transforms the fear to love and the love to these quiet and solid actions in the world and in my self.

    So, of course I typed "quietaction" into the domain name search engine. You can imagine my shock when it was not only available but also available in every form with no need to adapt with - or _ or an extra "s." When does that ever happen these days?

    I'm making up that it was waiting for me.

    This blog will be a compilation of my thoughts, theories and obsessions in user experience, information architecture, interaction design and very likely a lot about life in general.

    Sometimes I'll ask you to chime in and sometimes I'll be using a post as a more of a percolation space. Your conversations with me are invaluable so feel free to add to the story and let me know where what I'm talking about fits in with what you see in your world and where it disconnects.

    Let's get started - it's time to make up some more great stuff!