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    Inspired: blogging simplified

    It was a post on January 2nd that inspired me to come back to my blog again.

    Chris Coyier wrote:

    I wish everyone in the world would blog.

    Did you solve a tricky user interface problem today? I’d love to read about the options you considered and why you picked the one you did.


    I enjoy living vicariously through you, even for a moment.

    Read the full post. Read more by Chris at The Pastry Box Project

    I love all of the examples he gives. And that's the same reason that I read other people's blogs. Given my daily prototyping and other play-in-progress, getting back to blogging will be a welcome relief. And some other daily writing might be in order in other formats as well. As Chris points out so's fun and potentially valuable to others to share the adventure.

    I'll be playing here this year. Expect things to move around a bit as I attempt to find some fun ways to allow myself to get more of my writing out into the world. I've grown frozen and it'll feel good to thaw back out, shake myself off and get moving again.

    How do you do that in your life - get unstuck, unfrozen, pry your foot off the brakes in your life?

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